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by Dalgeor

I'm not that good at writing critiques, but I wanted to give it a try c: So first of all, the overall picture looks beautiful! The cont...

Newest Deviations

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Tag 13 people. (if you can)
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 

1. I've hardly watched any Disney films
2. I really do like horse riding!
3. Noodle soup is life
4. I blush way to quickly
5. I've dreamt in different languages
6. People who breathe loudly make me uncomfortable 
7. Writing about myself is so tiring why
8. Swimming is the only sport I actually like
9. Please don't make me run I won't last a lap
10. I have a cat who is a princess
11. Oils, markers and pencils are three of my fave mediums to use in art!
12. Black socks boost my confidence for a mystic reason
13. Lakes are like a hundred times more creepy than the ocean


Questions from Sandraa-a!

1.Which color represents your current mood?
        Uhh lilac? 

2.Did/Do you have a(n) anime/manga phase?
        Not really, though I've watched a few

3.Are there any artists who inspire you and they're your friends?
        I like to think so! For example, I really admire xSleepingForestx for her gorgeous linework,
        and she has inspired me to try out markers as well!

4.How many childhood friends are still talking to you?
        The most of my current friends are childhood friends xD

5.What is your prefered rating when you choose a book/fanfiction to read?
        Fantasy, YA etc??

6.Do you have any inclination towards writing?
        I'd really like to be able to write for people to enjoy it, but I haven't done anything big xD

7.What is that you aim for with the help of art?(expressing yourself,telling stories,showing off etc.)
        To get those images in my head down on paper/screen exactly as I imagine them is my goal for my art ^^     
        It would be really great if I could make myself a living with art, too!

8.Musical artists/bands that inspire you?
        I don't have that many, unfortunately, but film soundtracks really inspire me, generally!
        Like Lord of the Rings, or music from HTTYD O:

9.The song currently stuck in your head is?
        Warriors from Imagine Dragons :I

10.Do you believe in the existence of supernatural creatures?
        I have this really weird stance that I generally don't believe in them, but, just in case they can read minds,     
        pretend I do xD

11.Have you ever witnessed someone committing crime?
        Nothing serious, or "crime-worthy" O:

12.One historical figure who impressed you?

13.A language you would want to learn in the near future?
        I'd love to learn Russian!

Now my questions for you!
1. Your favourite TV show?
2. As well as your favourite book (I need inspiration, pls)
3. With which Greek god do you identify yourself with?
4. Your favourite piece of art by yourself?
5. The most inspiring artist in DA?
6. What fuels you? (food, hate, coffee etc)
7. How long do you generally sleep?
8. In how many countries have you been?
9. Where where you born
10. Snakes or spiders?
11. What colour os your hair?
12. If you could master any art-style immediately, what would it be?
13. The worst colour scheme?

Not tagging anyone, do it if you like!



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